Saturday, September 24, 2005

Something to share with everyone

Hi everyone. Just got home from college and I walk straight to my computer. Feeling a little tired and sleepy but yet i still use my remaining energy to surf the internet since i've been inactive for such a long time. I was bored so i tought i could drop my second post here in our class blog. From today on I will most probably drop a post daily if i have the mood and things to write. Maybe I'll start to get hook to blogging. Sound a little "jakun" ya? Anyway I thought of sharing a picture to everyone since Shirley was complaining that the blog is too dull and is filled with only words. Now here it is. This picture was taken in Shaun's when we were playing UNO after we went to 1 Utama. It was an enjoyable and exciting day. We actually hanged out the whole day from watching movie in the afternoon and then "lepak" at shaun's hse till 10pm. I still cant believe that we actually stayed to play UNO till 9pm and still not have any dinner.(haha) Anyway guys and girls, enjoy the photo.


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