Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Funny Stuff to Download

Its been some time since I last posted anything.. Been pretty boring, so here's some funny stuff...

mp3 of a Fake Jose Mourinho. Download here.

Clip of a host of some sad talk show laughing. Download here.

Comical parody of 'Pimp my Ride' (posted on my blog). Download here.

Clip of a fake interview of an Iraqi soldier. Download here.

A Thai adveristmest. Download here.

Clip of a slippery corner. Download here.

Cool clip of a dude badmouthing Macs. Download here.

Riise of Liverpool FC getting pranked. Download here.

Have fun..


Blogger Le Hong said...

the host and sad talk show very funny lahhh
i pity the host and the victim

10:05 PM, December 08, 2005  

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