Friday, January 06, 2006

Hong Kong Trip!!

Hey again,

Wowow.. double post. =)

Anyway, Hong Kong was really fun. First time I've been on a real plane trip for a long time (!!) The plane food is really funny.. comes in these really small containers and all. Hehe...

Well, the first 2 days, Jan 2 to 3 were really stressful. The first day I spent the whole evening memorising facts about JArdine history and thinking a LOT about my interests, my motivation, my future... But at night, we had a free buffet dinner at the hotel we were staying at.. with the other 3 Jardine applicants from Singapore, malaysia and China. (the hong kong ones stayed with their families not in the hotel) ANd the dinner was worth so much (!!) Each one about 180 Hong Kong Dollars. And you know me right? Eat soooo little. But some of the food was seriously disgusting. All these funny looking clams that didn't look cooked.. and these hunks of beef and mutton so rare that they were dripping blood!! EEWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the dessert was really nice though.. hehe. So everytime we had lunch or dinner there... I mainly ate dessert. They had this really nice fountain which had liquid chocolate pouring from it! For dipping in marshmallows and strawberries! =)

The next day we went to JArdine House (all the windows are circular!) for the interview. First we had to write an essay about Globalisation and how it affected Asia. Argh.. stupid general knowledge question, but it went quite okay i guess. We also finally met all the other Jardine applicants. And they are all seriously impressive!! I felt seriously inferior. One guy was an ASIAN physics olympiad gold medallist... from China, another Singaporean guy who has wrked for the ministry, another Malaysian at Raffles College, and 4 other Hong Kong people. And they are all really really nice. Not at all arrogant but very friendly. I'm trying to get their emails so can keep in touch. =)

THe actual interview was okay too i guess. The people who went before me reported that there was a high level of meanness in the room.. hehe..But when I went in they were really friendly, had quite a fun discussion. ANd the interviewers were amazing. Extremely sharp! and when u listen to them speak u can tell their thinking is amazing. I hope one day I'll be like them. =)

After that we had lunch with all of them at the Jardine House penthouse =). All this weird chinese food.. Argh.. I hate dimsum!! The only nice part was the apple pie and ice cream for dessert... =P

Jan 4th - Disneyland!! So Amazing! =) =) If u ever go, make sure you go on the Space Mountain ride!! And see Mickey's Philharmagic! And never miss the closing fireworks!! ^^ (Oh yea, each ticket has a different disney character... I got Mickey ^^)

Jan 5th - Went to the Peak, which is a hill with a good view. Nothing that special and then that night we went on a night cruise. Hong kong looks really nice at night! all the lights =). The next day we just packed and went back...

RAndom facts
1. Hong Kong seriously has NO GRASS anywhere!! wherever you go there is just concrete and stone. Quite unnerving at first o.O
2. There are no houses anywhere!! Only lots of high rise buildings... Makes u feel very small. Slightly claustrophic too. O.O
3. The food on the plane when you go to hong kong is nicer than when you go back.. Hehe..



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