Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blogthings, again

Urm... since this blog is quite dead, decided to post some 'Blogthings', though quite lame...

You Should Be A Taurus
What's good about you: you're stable, responsible, and loyal to those around you
What's bad about you: you're stubborn and overly cautious - change is not easy
In love: it's easy to melt your heart with traditional romantic gestures
In friendship, you're: loyal - you'll do almost anything for a friend
Your ideal job: chef, jewelry designer, or actor
Your sense of fashion: sleek, designer, and very expensive
You like to pig out on: steak and cheesecake
What Sign Should You Be?

Urm, somehow they got my sign correct ( 30th April is Taurus ). Future job chef? urm.. don't think I want to end up poisonning anyone...
Here's another one...

Do You Even Know What a Blog Is?

You got 1/8 correct!

What the heck are you doing at Blogthings?

that's all, I think.... Have fun. And happy studying for A2


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