Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Salary Theorem

Urm.. I think i've forwarded this message to some of you all. I'm posting this here so that you will be able to leave comments and then for those ppl who didn't receive the e-mail(This was sent to my Yahoo! Mail. I don't have some of your e-mails yet in my Yahoo account. Sorry.). First of all, no offence to those who want to be scientist or engineers in future. Just a joke.

The Salary Theorem:

Everyone knows the Salary Theorem establishes that scientists and engineers can NEVER EVER earn as much as businessman, politicians and actors easily make.
This Theorem can be demonstrated by reducing it to a simple mathematical equation:

The equation rests on two postulates:
Postulate No.1 - Knowledge is Power
Postulate No.2 - Time is Money

Given that
Power = Work/Time

and because
Knowledge = Power
Time = Money

therefore we have
Knowledge = Work/Money

and then we can easily obtain
Money = Work/Knowledge

So when knowledge goes towards zero, money go towards infinity, regardless of the value attributed to work, even if the value is very small.
On the contrary, when knowledge goes towards infinity, money goes towards zero, even if the value of work is high.

The evident conclusion : The less you know, the more money you make


Blogger @řũn said...

Umm I don't know if this is a flaw but I had to try right? :P

Time = Money

Base unit for time = second
Base unit for money = any type of currency but I'll say pounds because I'm biased :P

Anyway, since the base units are NOT the same, the equation is not consistent and hence time cannot equal money :P

The derivation is flawed!!


8:19 AM, July 19, 2006  

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