Friday, July 20, 2007

Surprised Birthday Celebration for Keat Wei

well...this blog is severely lacked of updates lately XD here is one :P

18th july,renyin mentioned about a plan to surprise keatwei on her birthday(19th july) at night,since keatwei has no plan celebrating her birthday(i think,haha),and so...although it is kind of a late decision(left 1 day to plan everything),we managed to make it a success one :D

those who managed to make it for this surprise birthday celebration are me,ry,shaun,ken,zhao,jq,lehong and kimhong. 6 of us(lehong and kimhong going there themselves) met at shaun's house at 8.30pm,the timing was unexpectedly good,keatwei sent me the map when i just arrived shaun's place shortly,and yeah,managed to get there without much trouble with the help of the printed map XD

so...we rang the door bell,and haha,she didn expect it i guess? :P we looked around her house for a while,and played cards while waiting for lehong and kimhong. we had some cakies oso,baked by keatwei and her sis the night before. the cake is nice la,keatwei,hahaha...dun say till ur cakie so cham XD lehong n kimhong reached not very long later,hahaa...and we started the simple birthday celebration. birthday song --> birthday wish --> birthday candles blowing --> birthday candle removing(with lips of course,as usual =P) --> birthday cake cutting XD it's a small cakie i got for her,so...not much were left in the end,a bit different from other times,normally quite alot of leftover wan,haha...

after that we went for a short walk and ended up at a playground,a very new one,lols~ kind of different from the playgrounds during our time,haha... lepak there for quite sometime and it's already 11pm,then we decided to go back. that's the end of the surprising birthday celebration,not much events,but hopefully a meaningful one for keatwei XD

p/s: blogger image uploading got error...will try nex time @@


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