Saturday, September 24, 2005


Hey people.. Just came back from watching Flightplan. I think Hafriz wanted to write a review about it but, too bad, looks like I'm going to do it first. =P Seriously nice movie. And I don't mean nice just superficially. Not merely a lot of action and nice looking actors, etc, etc... The story itself had so many twists and turns that it looked like a cubic graph.. lol! Anyway, my point is some of the things you expect to happen won't happen, and many things that you don't expect to happen, will happen! A touching story too. And if any of you manage to correctly predict the ending, tell me ok? I want to congratulate you! =P Hehe... can't really go into the specifics. Don't want to spoil it for anyone. But I recommend this movie for all of you. A "must see."

Ok enough about the movie. Haha... just wanted to say this... That was a funny post Le Hong, how come suddenly got a robot intruding upon our blog? =P Ill try to invent it I guess, but will have to ask you to join our engineering team, otherwise no chance already. Thanks for the photo Wai Ken, nice addition to the blog ;-)

Will try to put up photos of my own, as soon as I can figure out how... hmmm

All for now, going to do Further Math 2 Satistics.

Oh yeah, I definitely hold the record for the longest post now. Definitely. ;-)


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