Sunday, January 22, 2006

Defiled Hall Of Shameful Acts

20.01.2006 was indeed a day full of happenings....'happenings'.... Beer....da after effects....

"I am da REAL KONG!!" says the 81kg mofoitic counterpart of King Kong ( Not me!)after drinking 4 cans of good ol Heineken (eh ashok?)

I'm seeing doubles!! (notice the tomato in da background)

"I'm not drunk, not even high" *spins around fer a while...losing balance momentarily*

"Me drunk ar? How u noe leh? Burp..." What do you get when you
wash the make-up of a sake-filled geisha??....

ARUN AND ASHOK!! HOW COULD U BOTH......OMG!! Unbelievable!! I noela u happy getting straight As and Cambridge and all....but there are other ways to celebrate rite?? And Arun, u have da audacity to ask wheres Ashok in ure previous post!! Well, I think he's the one under u :P SO CUTE!!


Blogger CWKen said...

woi lamer wat do u mean sake-filled geisha? dey i noe lah u gay but dunned to be jealous n blame all to me wan. btw WHERE ARE MY COPYRIGHT FEES? I CAN SUE U FOR SIMPLY TAKING MY SACRED PICTURE U NOE

8:24 PM, January 23, 2006  

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