Monday, March 06, 2006

When Timeline Clashes (Mofolitic Age meets Today)

HUH?? What happens?? That ques must be playing ya minds rite now. So lets cut this short and go straight to the point.

We shall take our not so recently found Caveman from the Mofolitic age. Do not confuse a Mofolitic Caveman with a Mofo.
This is a MoFo, and he's not a caveman, he's a BADAK AIR. Notice his pride and prestige....his beer belly ^^

Ok, when a Caveman meets our civilization, of cuz the typical response is...


So, to blend in, he does shocking stuffs as well.....

Such as showin vulgar signs, each of his sentence has at least 2 vulgar words, gay with han hui (EWw, but now he jealous ledy and wanna revenge cuz Han Hui got diff target ledy lol!) and etc.

Today, he did his Chem practical with labcoats and SHORTS.

And after that....during lunch time...he discovered sumtin new, so here is the footage of his discovery.


Blogger Unknown said...

Damn you King Kong!!!

Funny video though!!!

9:26 PM, March 06, 2006  

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