Thursday, July 20, 2006

Redang Trip (Day Two)

As I said, we didn't wake up at 5am to watch sunrise, as it was raining. At 6am, Kim Hong, Han Hui, Jieqiang, Sao Lee, Keat Wei, Michelle and I went to the beach although it was drizzling. We sat there for so long but didn't manage to see the sunrise. As Michelle said, we woke up so early just to see the whole sky go bright. Lol.

Kim Hong, Jieqiang and Han Hui in front of the More More Tea Inn.

We then went snorkelling at the Marine Park. It was nice =) I remember there was this scary looking eel which kept opening and closing its super huge mouth nonstop.

This is one of the many distorted pics the guys took.

Long live PE1!!!

We were trying to do a nicer formation but it didn't reli work out. But it was so nice to lie on water! The guys went "moo....." when they saw us do this. Lol I forgot why.

And finally, after a lot of effort......we managed to bring Shirley up and completed our formation. Yay =)

See Tho the odd one out.

The long line of PE1-ians in the water. Love this pic!

We were trying to look like castaways who finally made it to the shore. Didn't really work out because we were laughing too happily eh?

After dinner...We took a look at ourselves, and saw that there was a group of us wearing white...

.....and another group wearing red! And Keat Wei and I wore the Taylor's shirt.

The two ex-lougongs posing with the More More Tea Inn sign.

We blocked the whole stairway that led to another resort. Typical of PE1 to block people's way isn't it? =p

As we were walking around, we found Wai Ken's cave...LOL

Then, we went to the games room.

Some of us went walking around the beach later at night (or probably it was already morning), while some slept. This is the squid we saw on the Redang Bay beach. It was struggling away, then someone threw it back to the sea, but after some time we saw it again. Lol...

And then...we finally saw the glowing planktons. Everyone was busy collecting it. We wanted to show it to the rest, but sadly it stopped glowing after some time, and they were all fast asleep when we got back.

We had planned to not to sleep. But I guess by 4plus everyone gave up. We wanted to wake up at 5am to see the sunrise, which once again, did not happen.... be continued


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not to mention we all woke up late!

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