Sunday, July 29, 2007

malacca trip~!!

some pics of malacca trip here :D

basically food food n food...hahaha~'s cendul,with alota gula malacca...nice is nice,but sweet sweet n sweet @_@and waiken took like 4 of it? LOLZ

and this is our nyonya style dinner,all dishes are kinda nice also... :P

our brunch on sunday,chicken rice balls...

and satay babi after chicken rice ball...suggested by see tho wan...

a group photo at a famosa, waiken's hair is nice to mess with? XD
kimhong's "uncle",posing at a famosa...kakakaka :P

6 of them posing at the beach,hahaha...took so long to take this photo...LOL,3-4min i tink...lols~ what some of us did in redang...our circle of feet.. guess which is whose foot :P

and the group pic at the pool of the apartment,like this pic..=D

other pics from my camera i will send to you ppl when you ppl online,otherwise for those who not online,i will get all pics from all cameras n compile together,then burn into cd for u people XD
many thanks to shirley n jo's friend,dingdong(rightest most in the last group pic) for sending us around,be our full time tour guide and belanja us many of the meals @_@ really thanks a lot!
overall it's a great trip with lots of laughter...LOLZ...really laugh till stomach pain...kakakkaa~~~~ bring more decks of poker card next time,hahahaha~
enjoy people~!! :)


Blogger CWKen said...

woi I din eat 4 bowls k? =.= da other table is da wan keep passing the cendols to us and I shared wif Kim Hong k? total me n him ate bowl equivalent of 1 bowl each nia ... haihz everybody likes to kacau my hair wan :( think Auntie Anne and Shirley simply jealous of my hair ... or dey simply miss ruffling with my hair (or dey miss me too much maybe? ROFLMAO) ... thx for posting the photos man. Cheers, mate!

6:53 PM, July 30, 2007  
Blogger k1M H0ng said...

Hahah Yea yea only Wai Ken had 4 of the cendol!!! Kim Hong wasnt the culprit!!! =p....Jk ler... Both of us were the sampah tongs of PE1..perhaps...xD

11:41 PM, July 30, 2007  

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