Saturday, January 03, 2009

BBQ Dinner @ Ren Yin's Place

Event: bbq dinner
Venue: Ren Yin's house
Date: 30th Dec 2008
People involved: Ren Yin, Michelle, Voon Hian, Jessy, Shaun, Zhao, Han Hui, Wai Ken, Hafriz, See Tho, Calvin, Sao Lee

Calvin trying to be creative..

Same goes for Michelle and Jessy.. :P

"cheong-K" session..

Seetho and his chicken balls..

Shaun's bbq clip (that's what they refer the thing as,i think)..costs rm6,used for bbqing prawns..
some random facts:-
1) a couple of prawns fell through the clip into the charcoal halfway through the bbq,lolz..
2) the clip is suppose to be used to bbq fish (judging from the shape) according to someone,can't remember who,haha..

Waiken enjoying his chicken wings..

Shaun eating the chicken ball..

Calvin's big mouth and fishball :P

Han Hui with his fishball..

The food for bbq..half finished..

bbq-ing,lots of fishballs.. 2 sticks of chicken balls.. some chicken wings and marshmallows...
random fact: someone is bbqing the marshmallows like wolverine,zhao i think.. =X

from another angle..

Chicken balls,the most popular food that night i guess..

The overbbq-ed sweet potatoes.. out of 5-6,only 2 survived,the others almost dried up totally,lolz..

Mafia-ing,the usual recreation we have (almost) everytime we have a gathering/trip..

Shaun's product from barbequing the marshmallow,wow..LOL!
More random fact: Shaun dropped 4 more marshmallow (intentionally or not no one knows.. =X) later on and 2 of them turned into the same product above in the end :P

Hafriz singing...

and then waiken's turn..

The girls!

100%! Can't remember what song is this edi,but i think many of us sang along with it..

Zhao sang... "woof woof woof" again... LOL... hahaha,joking joking,he really sang this time :P

Calvin singing..

Everyone was laughing crazily at the weird lyrics of one of the chosen song XD

Shaun was high already..

Zhao covering his bottom,why ah? lol..

and then he covered his face..

Ragen lazing on the floor..

Zhao the cameraman.. ask him for the photos taken by him..

Shaun,singing emotionally,one of his expertise..

100% again!! PE1 is full of pro singers,hahaha.. lol..

Ren Yin's turn to sing..

Jessy singing..

Shaun getting higher,haha..

More more random facts:
1) we (shaun,zhao,calvin,saolee) were late and hence didn't tapau hokkien mee (as planned) for the bbq in the end.. swt
2) the same goes for satay.. more swt
3) lychee drink is a popular drink
4) tesco doesn't sell marshmallow! and chocolate dip!

Anyways,it was a good night overall :) Thanks Ren Yin for organizing this bbq party.. Thanks everyone as well for making the night a nice one :P

Looking forward to more gatherings!


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