Sunday, September 25, 2005

MY Flightplan review..

Ashok beat me to it... so mean.. Oh well, im used to losing to him in everything else so okay la..
"The story itself had so many twist and turns that it looked like a cubic graph" -you really like math do you?

Anyway, totally agree with Ashok, this is an excellent movie! A lot of unexpected twists are present in the movie, kinda like 'The Sixth Sense'. But in that movie you will be like "WTF??" after the plot-twist. With this one youre hooked till the last minute! Every minute of it is interesting, the middle part even more..

Great cast too! Sean Bean(Boromir from LOTR) plays the ever present pilot.

And Peter Saargard(Garden State) as an air marshall.

Cute kid huh? Paedophiles will love this(ugh..)

This really is a great movie.. Story, acting, atmosphere are all top-notch. Kudos to Peter A. Dowling and Billy Ray

My verdict - 9 out of 10


Blogger @shok said...

Hey, I don't beat you in most things! You should see me trying to drive. No... wait.. Actually I'd rather you didn't see me trying to drive! *Embarrassed* =P

11:08 AM, September 25, 2005  

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