Sunday, September 25, 2005

Past year papers??

Good morning, everyone! I just woke up and again I went straight to my computer and logged on. Well just wanna share a site with my fellow classmates. I got this website from a friend in PM1. It contains all the past year papers and yes marking schemes is included along. My advice to you all is that you save all the papers and the marking scheme along as soon as possible before this ite gets banned like The URL for the site is Lastly guys enjoy studying.

P.s. to Thillaisundaram twins: u noe i'm being stupid here. wanna noe y? cos u 2 so smart d i still help u 2 to become smarter n get higher marks sumore man. but no choice lah cos every1 in our class can read dis blog hehe. if only can like ban u 2 from reading my post lmao ...anyway jk oni lah i where gto so bad wan hehe. enjoy


Blogger @řũn said...

i dunno who's been spreading lies about me being smart >.<
It's not true ok!! :P

5:11 PM, September 25, 2005  
Blogger FuKhate said...

wow arun's such a wonderful crapper, maybe should consider that as his caption

10:55 PM, September 25, 2005  

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