Friday, November 18, 2005

Exams Over!!! And some of your exams paper

I believe everyone should be happy exam's over. So after the movie n dinner with Hafriz yesterday, I went to a cc n play dota on the Battlenet with whole bunch of strangers noobs in a 4vs4 game( except for 2 or 3 who are quite good). I've got myself 2 Heart of Tarasque at first with Skeleton King and then Hong Ping was there. He told me to get anotehr Tarasque n 2 plate mails, so i got 'em went to kill Roshan with a vengful spirits aid(allies). SK's life just can't be reduced by Roshan. I think can even solo Roshan. Then I went for the firebush but the game ended early. Sigh....

Ok, i've got some of your exam papers with me. Went to find my own exam paper today. After more than one hour of search, I couldn't find my paper but found some of your papers ( Zhao, Ren Yin, Jit Han, Daniel, etc etc etc) . I've decided to keep those papers as I think all of you will have hard time searching for those papers later cause the mess this time is really really in a mess. Paper was everywhere not only on the table but on the ground as well, and my legs got really really tired when I had to search those papers which are on the ground( well, good excercise, i think). Later got too tired and bored, then i gave up searching for my own papers. I will give you back the paper when classes starts, ok?

If any of you have seen my paper, pls keep it for me. If you have found my paper n kept it for me, just drop me an sms.

Enjoy your holidays.


Blogger ryinz said...

Thx Han Hui

6:43 PM, November 20, 2005  

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