Monday, April 17, 2006

Sime Darby Interview...BEWARE!!!

i noticed ive been posting alot lately..but tis is a mus post. tis post is onli for those going for sime darby scholarship interview. save my breathe, dun hv to repeat wat i went thru so banyak kali to so many ppl. to those going, be prepared for the WORST!!! polish ur BM cos they wil give a sudden request to speak in BM. if ur BM is bad, pray hard tat they dun ask u speak in BM, they randomly pick ppl wan..(T-T) i was the 1st unlucky person to get picked. there's 2 sessions, before lunch and after lunch. before lunch, there's 2 parts, individual and group assessment. for individual, there's 2 tasks. 1st task: assume you are given the task to write out a proposal to yasasan sime darby(YSD). Write out wat programmes and activities that will help achieve the ultimate objectives. cant really remember all the objectives but here r a few i remembered-1. to attract potential scholars, 2. to equipt scholars with knowledge, skills, etc, 3. strengthening YSD brand. 2nd task: they give a table on estimated cost per scholar for overseas, local, pre-uni and they tell u they hav how many scholars all so u hav to prepare a budget sheet stating clearly the total amount. for group assessment, it's the same 2 tasks as b4 and oso another task of creating a logo with a moto for YSD. for group presentation we're separated into 2 groups. tis is a group work so brainstorm all ideas then present. after presentation by both groups the interviewers wil ask ques and sabo the groups' presentation so u'll hav to defend it and ellaborate more. it would b good to speak out when they ask ques. dun look at each other and expect sum1 frm ur group to defend. take tis opportunity to speak out. then after lunch is the face-to-face interview. 2 interviewers to 1 candidate. 30-40 min per candidate. tis is basically like a typical interview la..they ask ques bout urself and all. so tat's bout it. if got any ques jus give me a call la. hope tis info wil help u. all the best!!!


Blogger @řũn said...

wow sounds so scary!!

Don't worry, I'm sure you made it to the next round!

And good luck to See Tho and anyone else who hasn't gone for the interview yet!

8:24 AM, April 19, 2006  

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