Friday, July 21, 2006

Redang Trip (Day Three)

Early in the morning, everyone woke up late. It was raining again at 5am, so we didn't manage to watch sunrise again. We rushed so much, but luckily we still made it in time.

<------- At the jetty. Bye bye Laguna.
Michelle, me and Shirley in the ferry.

We ended up having lunch at a not-so-nice shop opposite the bus station. They sold only stuff like nasi dagang, nasi kunyit and nasi minyak (I don't know what's the difference between all of that). Seriously, PE1 has this weird liking for cutleries.

See Tho, Jieqiang, Shaun, a FORK and a SPOON. Again. Lol.

Finally, we were in the bus. That's Sao Lee, Keat Wei and Shirley at the backseat.

I don't know what place is this. The funny thing is, Michelle got the same guy who took a picture for us at the jetty to take this pic for us. He must be thinking, "What a weird bunch of people..."

Shirley, Sao Lee n Jieqiang, at the stop.

Shaun pretending to be like the guy on his More More Tea 'songkok'.

Finally, we reached KL. Then we went to Kenny Rogers at The Mall for dinner. See what I meant when I said about PE1's affinity for cutleries??

Kenny presents Kenny Rogers Roasters - World's Greatest Chicken!

So, yeah, everyone went home after that. The end of the short but wonderful 3 days.

Last but not least, this is a picture that Kim Hong did.

We did sleep quite a lot during that 3 days after all...


Blogger hanhui said...

Hey, Jo. Thanks for posting about the Redang trip. At least get to refresh sweet memmories of Redang.

7:28 PM, July 24, 2006  
Blogger choucutebox said...

*clap clap clap* hehe

7:19 PM, July 25, 2006  
Blogger Jo said...

Hehe....hope u all enjoyed reading it =)

12:32 PM, July 26, 2006  
Blogger $ª○ £éê~** said...

yep...sweet memories~* ;)

9:36 PM, July 31, 2006  

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