Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yau Chuan's farewell dinner a.k.a. steamboat

Had a good...actually great time wit my college frens today. ate steamboat like berbanyak-banyak. i am so proud to say tat I'M A SURVIVOR!!! lol...i think i ate like the most. everyone stop eating i stil eating...last to finish but sadly i stil couldn't finish all the food. i wish i could but my tummy not tat big.

tis was when i jus arrived..everyone start eating adi

see everyone all standing not eating adi...even those who came same time as me stopped eating..EXCEPT ME!!!

these criminals...trying to kill one of the twins...wanna kill oso mus b fair kill both ma...lol.

distorted looking le hong and yau chuan...showing off his best ability

all my classmates...so lovely...NOT!!! they're DAME!!!

It's hard to utter the word "GOODBYE" so i would rather say "SEE YOU AGAIN YAU CHUAN!!!" take care of urself and nvr forget us...and our dameness of course.

p/s: i have uploaded more pics on multiply so can get the bigger and better version of them


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, couldnt make it for the steam boat, but u guys looked like u had fun.. lolz

So er.. bye yau chuan and take care in us..

good luck to those who went - hope you dun get food poisoning.. heheh, jk..

1:30 PM, August 23, 2006  

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