Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hari Raya~

Hey all~ with so many updates on PE1 peoples’ life in United Kingdom. Here’s an update right here in Malaysia! Wo0t!

Happy Celebration Day (Hari Raya) was just a few days ago and our not forgotten class rep. had an open house! All hands for our great host! Tada!!

Hehe. An awesome traditional wear!

There’s a lot of food! Yep! I almost wanted to take a picture of it. xP
So, the most frequent thing we did was eat and drink. For some of us, we made new friends! -^__^-

Keat Wei and Yen Ying. Waahh… Ren Yin, your ex-lao gong got a daughter already!!

I honestly find this picture rather spooky. ^^;;

Awww… Sweet, right? I just got to know that day itself.

Keat Wei and I and… someone’s smelly foot. The foot is rather long, yeah? *gasp* Almost as long as my head some more. ^^;;

Hehe. This part is at Hafriz~ Later we went out to catch a movie.


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