Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tomorrow is Puasa dude!! :P

Well, for u guys info, tomorrow is the fasting season for Muslims which is also known as Puasa. As preparation to devote himself to this sacred and righteous practice, our dear friend had done a few self-enlightenment techniques which he testified as miraculously effective. Its is an honor that he decided to share it with us...

It is imperative that you prepare the labelled 'tools'. It is the essence of everything.

A close up of the ingredients of self-enlightenment and self-discovering according to the self-declared 'Great Teacher'.

Now the process is complete, he feels 'enlighted' and even spoke an unknown ancient language which he claimed as the first language spoken by man. Truly a divine intervention is going on!! Now he's prepared for the Puasa and when asked what else he's gonna do next, he quoted "Oh hell with it, I need my food man!!"

PS: This article is for entertainment purposes only. The truth of the content is being researched. This is all mainly Hafriz's sugegstion btw :P


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