Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hols is gonna over~

1month hols is almost over,1day left~

went for 3weeks vacation in malaysia...reunion with my family,met my friends,visited some places,tasted so so so many kinds of food-from those insignificance ones from the market to those famous ones around penang =P

Badminton was okay,finally i can sweat alot :b

Swenson's earthquake was nice,cheap and delicious~ Movie at 1U was quite good..

Penang trip was awesome...slept for 9hrs total in 3 nights...hehe.. Ate quite alot around here n there.. Shopping was okay.. Looking at the map is not interesting.. Walking along the beach is relaxing.. Presents buying n exchanging was our main event for the x'mas eve nite.. Going home was not fun! xD

New year countdown at 1U was great too.. Great meeting up those i have not seen for quite some time.. Photohunt was normal.. Countdown time was very crowded.. The spray is smelly =_= Going home was sad..

Flew back to UK on the 2nd jan,flight was terrible...plane was shaking almost the whole journey -.- Landing was scary.. Sitting in the tube is boring.. Reach shaun's place finally in the evening..

Table tennis was fun.. Birthday in London is nothing.. Museum visiting was kind of interesting.. Japanese dinner was very very filling.. Waiting for them to wake up is a waste of time :b

Came back to warwick today (6th jan 2007).. Walked in the rain while pulling the luggage was tiring.. No shuttle service today was a surprise.. Took a bus back to my room from the main campus is a waste of $.. The rise of the bus fare is NO GOOD..

lol...well... time to study edi...1more day left for me to prepare for exam @_@ more updates later on :b


Blogger @řũn said...

The bus fare wasn't a waste of $, it was a waste of pounds! :P

12:47 AM, January 18, 2007  

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