Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Update.. Thanks People!

Hey people! Time flies pretty fast,it's already mid January of 2009.. How's everyone doing?

Term has started for everyone of us here in UK i guess.. Tear 3 term 2,I believe most of us are/will be really busy this term.. Hope things will go well for all of us!

Notts people,still having exam right? Good luck and all the best to you guys in the remaining papers!

While the Aussie gang should be all enjoying your summer holidays now,except Keat Wei who is studying at Rome for a month now.. Oh well,enjoy the most of your holidays then! It's precious! I am missing holidays already!! haha..

And for the rest of the PE1-ians who's at elsewhere around the world,hope you all are doing good too!

Ok,back to topic! Firstly,I apologize for this late update,final year term 2 has been really busy so far. Tonnes of applications, assignments and revisions to awaiting me to do >_<

So,actually this post is suppose to be about my 21st birthday (present).. 4th of Jan falls on the day before my term starts,which means I did not have a chance to celebrate with any of you back in Malaysia. However,things turned out like this:

1st Jan 2009,2/3pm - *Phone rings* Zhao:"Yo! CC mou?". I met them (Zhao, Shaun, Wai Ken) up at the CC. Played the usual shooting games for the noon. Wai Ken left before dinner. 8pm - The remaining 3 of us drove around Uptown to look for food. Zhao and Shaun were asking each other "where is 'the thing'?" for a while just before we decided to dine in at some "famous hokkien mee" shop. They only told me 'the thing' is a present.

Zhao parked the car, opened the car boot as usual. Shaun picked up a small paper bag, ensured the content is in place, and passed it to me. "Happy Birthday man!" from both of them. A surprise, a pair of early birthday greetings, and a bag of presents. Thanks a lot people! =)

The bag of presents.. (",)

We headed for dinner after that,the food were quite good.. Went for movie later at night,watched "The Spirit", no comment, lol.. headed back after that..

3rd Jan 2009,9pm - Flew off to Bangkok. 11+pm - Landed at Bangkok. Received quite some greetings at 12am on msn. Received a lovely animated e-card too via email..

A printscreen of the animated ecard :P

4th Jan 2009, 7am - Landed at London. 12.30pm - Reached home at Warwick. Found a birthday card outside my room, it's from a high school good friend. A while later, a knock on the door and then a birthday song by my housemates and the friend. They were carrying a self-baked oreo cheese cake. And this wraps up my tiny 21st birthday celebration. Had a good day after the long journey, both lunch and dinner that day were prepared by my housemates and friend.

That's the brief summary of what happened on my 21st. Overall,it was a blessed day. Thanks to everyone :)

The presents (a watch and a calendar) were from Zhao, Shaun, Jo, Shirley, Ren Yin, Michelle, Keat Wei, Wai Ken, Hafriz, See Tho, Jieqiang, Han Hui & Yen Tink (my ancient friend who knows Zhao). Thanks alot! =)

For those who have not seen it,here are some pics..

The watch box..

The main present, the watch!

The side present - a nice calendar.

All in one view.. thanks again all for the presents!! :)

Other presents:-
A cap and a card from Pisa by my friend and one of my housemates.

The cap from Pisa

And a cute card.. it's a christmas + new year + birthday card, lol!

Another cap from another ancient friend.


Lastly,a random pic of a water pipe at my back yard,taken on the day of my birthday. The dripping water forms an ice pillar,and stayed there for a couple of days without melting,haha..

p/s: feeling blessed =)


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