Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Formal

Hey again everyone,

Every college has its own fomal hall. Sort of similar to the Harry Potter Great Hall. Magdalene's one is paticularly famous because it is fully candle lit. Some college's formal hall looks like a modern canteen with fluorescent lights and everything. =.=". No class at all... LOL! ANd the Magdalene dinner is really cheap at the hall.. only GBP 3.75 because it is heavily subsidised by our college. So if anyone of you guys come over, it's worth attending one formal hall dinner.

Okay, at the end of November, our college organised Christmas dinners in the formal hall. Here are a few photos, so you guys can see the candle lit atmosphere and all..

Oops.. thats a picture of the Christmas dessert that they served (half eaten... hehe). They only allow us to take photos towards the end of the dinner, so no photos of the main meal... sorry.. =(

Here's another photo, but without flash. The candle light effect is very nice..

And another photo!

Okay, here's one last one which we took after the dinner near our college entrance.

Ok, that's all about the Christmas formal. Here's an unrelated photo about our lectures. Here's the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre.

Here's our lecturer for Algebra and Geometry. Professor Korner. (pronounced Kerner) Very funny and engaging person. That's all! Next post is the London trip (for the Jardine lunch) and the LSE Malam Bakti. (also my trip to the Natural History Museum.)


Blogger ryinz said...

and u promised to post it weeks ago!!!
thx for the post newayz ... u guys r enjoyin in cambridge wert

10:09 PM, December 27, 2006  

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