Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Chrsitmas eve 2006 in KL

It was kinda a last minute plan but it wasnt a bad one :)
only few of us made it cuz most ppl werent around/free
so...presenting out small xmas eve gathering
firstly a group picture , these r the few ppl who made it to our small party

Michelle baked a Christmas Cake especially for this :) thanks michelle for the lovely cake

we first gathered at my house and played hang man while waitin for the rest to come
then we played tricks and michelle finally unveiled the secret to her magic card trick
when dinner time came close, we went to Sri Hartamas and finally decided to have Fondue for dinner!!!
thats the best part :):)
the pic above was taken at the fondue house in sri hartamas

yummyyyyyy was GREAT! we had chicken , lamb and beef with mushroom + cheese + wine sauce and chicken + wine i think+ cheese sauce

The way wai ken eats it shows how good the food was!!!! (sorry i dont really know how to rotate the pictures on blogger)


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