Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Trip to Penang Part 1: The Food

Went to Penang last Thursday. It was a very random trip. Don't exactly know who mentioned it but I got surprised when See Tho and Hafriz asked me whether i wanted to join them for this trip a week before. I was in a short dilemma because my first paper is on the 11th and study week isn't exactly a good time to go for trips. I was stuck in my trains of thoughts for a while and I was ready to reject the offer until the thought of graduating came across my mind. If I don't join them for this trip, I may not be able to join them again in the same trip anymore especially when I'm working. I agreed on the spot.

I'm not the type who would miss any fun stuff, unless I'm not really, really not into it.

I went to Hafriz's house the night before to stay over and watch Manchester United's Champions League match against ARSEnal, which they won 1-0 =P It's a pity that they couldn't score more =(

We set off at 9am, stopping by at Bidor for brunch. We ate at Pun Chun, a chinese kopitiam which apparently quite famous, I think.

The Dried Wan Tan Mee Hafriz See Tho and Jieqiang ordered.

I ate the Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee.

We reached Penang at about 2pm. Met up at Iu Tjun at Tesco. He then brought us to New World Park for lunch.

Prawn Mee. They call it Hokkien Mee in penang

Rojak Pasembur in Penang is very different from the rojak you get in KL. They have much more variety of stuff which you can add yourself. It is like the Lobak you see in kopitiams here.

According to Iu Tjun, this is the Chinese version of Rojak. Tasted slightly more sour than the one above.

Forgot to take picture of the nice Ice Kacang we ate :(

We went Gurney Drive for dinner. According to my sister, the prices went up a lot because it was a tourist attraction. Well, in fact, a lot of food places in Penang were more expensive than KL by almost double. Only the locals know where to eat cheap and good food. Didn't take food photos because we were hungry and it wasn't that fantastic. We don't know which stores are good unfortunately :( I ordered Pasembur again and Char Kueh Teow. pasembur was quite good but the Char Kueh Teow was average.

We went to Lorong Selamat the next day for lunch. I suggested that place because I heard that there's a nice Char Kueh Teow place there. The other famous Char Kueh Teow is the Sister's Char Kueh Teow at Jalan McCallister, which I ate the last time I was in Penang.

We ordered the large portion because we were hungry. As expected the portion was smaller than we normally expect in KL, it is probably slightly larger the the regular size we get here in KL. The prawns were huge though!! Fresh as well. Guess how much it cost? RM8.50. Yes, for a plate of Char Kueh Teow and we waited more than half an hour for it. That's how famous this stall is.

This is the Nasi Lemak Goreng. Ate this for dinner before heading home.

Whoops!!! That's not on Penang hahahaha We ate that at Bandar Menjalara, Kepong. FYI, you can get it in a mamak called Spicy Kitchen if you have the burning urge to try it. Seriously, Spicy Kitchen sounded like some fancy restaurant when it is just a mamak stall. Swt man....

Will update more about the trip in the next post =) Don't wanna cramp so many photos in one post. Till then!

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