Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Skeleton Key

Hi guys

Just came back from watching the Skeleton Key. It wasn't that scary, but the movie was interesting. I'll try not to reveal too much in case anyone wants to watch it. :P

The movie was really mysterious in the sense that I in NO WAY would have predicted the ending; and there are some parts in the movie that seem a bit strange when you first see it but make sense at the end.. and also some stuff that is a bit weird when you see it but still doesn't make sense at the end :P

But although I don't totally agree with the ending, it was a an ok twist to the movie. I mean hardly any movie nowadays ends in that way. The acting was good too. And the same guy from Flight Plan was in this movie too.

Kla... its very hard to review a movie without spoiling it for you people :(
I'll just end by saying its a nice movie to watch, but not that great. I wouldn't call it a "must see" movie.. but you can see it if you want ;)

Note: You MUSTN'T BELIEVE!! If you don't believe it can't hurt you!!!!


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