Thursday, September 21, 2006

Genting Trip (Part Two - 3rd Sept 2006)

Sorry I was supposed to have done this longgg, long ago. But as you all know, going to uni is so troublesome, so many things to do, etc etc.

Ok, I admit that I was lazy. =p

So........I went there with my parents, and met Hafriz, Wai Ken, Arun, Ashok and Fu-Khate there in the morning. First of all, we proceeded to the theme park.....

We took the Antique Car ride first. I sat at the back with Ashok and Wai Ken, and we kept bumping into the car in front accidentally-on-purpose. XD

Then, it was the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride.

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We were thoroughly drenched. Except for Wai Ken, who just refused to go for the ride, for fear of ruining his hairstyle. Swt. His vanity level was maximum that day (though I don't know why, a certain soemone was not there also). Lol

As we were walking around, suddenly Fu-Khate went missing.

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Here's a pic of us while we were waiting for him. Hafriz looked like a typical Chinese businessman. Haha...

We then went for the Tea Cup ride.

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I sat in the same cup as Wai Ken and Arun. They spun it like crazy. My head was spinning....swirling.....

Then we met Mei Ann and Lip Ee. Here's a group pic:

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On the way to lunch, we passed by the Faber Castle booth. We sat down and started colouring...haha

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Very engrossed in work....and embracing their lost childhood..haha

Presenting our masterpiece!

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Want a clearer view??







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Very colourful parrots =p Arun and Ashok coloured the one on the left. pretty....

We then went to Marrybrown for lunch. Started talking about some stuff which led to simpulan bahasa like otak udang and mati katak. Um....that statement was completely random.

After lunch we went for the Super Toboggan ride. Hafriz and Wai Ken went to the carousel.

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Another attempt to catch the twins in the same pic.

After that, it started raining and we couldn't go for anymore rides. We waited until Michelle came at about 3pm, then went to the Snow House.

We survived -5! Lol. Had fun throwing snow at each was cold.

After that, we went to Kenny Roger's for muffins. We left our parrots there, and only remembered them when we went to Starbucks.

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Ashok, Fu-Khate and Wai Ken trying to grow a moustache.

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Michelle and I - at Starbucks.

We actually went back to Kenny Roger's to ask for our parrots. Surprisingly they still had it. =p

After that, it was time for the guys to go home. Michelle and I sent them off at the cable-car station.

Had a lot of fun~

Last but not least, here's a pic of our class rep looking perfectly like a girl.

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The shirt, sweater, bag and pose. Perfect. Haha.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hey I where got look like girl??? *nasty stare*

LOL =)

3:27 PM, September 23, 2006  
Blogger ryinz said...

yea... u need make up to look like a girl :P

11:12 PM, September 24, 2006  

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