Tuesday, September 11, 2007

penang trip 10-12th sept 07~ ^-^

hey all! we are back from penang edi :p had lotsa fun and ate alot there =)

below are some photos of us,the food,and the places we went the past 3 days...enjoy! :)

Day 1~ =)
we reached penang at noon time,had some food and checked in our apartment for a short rest... later on we went to the tropical fruit farm n butterfly farm before dinner... settling down at the hawker for dinner in the evening,walking along gurney drive before we went back our apartment...wrapping up the day with a series of "chor dai ti" game...till around 3am :P

p/s: we were told that the apartment we staying in is haunted,and we found that it's true...there's a photo of a ghost i captured in the apartment...refer below for the photo...

1 of the famous fried kuey teow at macalister road :b

zhao teaching us how to eat coconut flesh..."1st of all,throw the coconut shell spoon away and take a metallic spoon from the coconut seller"...LOL

here's the ghost pic i captured while taking photo for jo n renyin in the apartment....notice the ghost is at the top left corner of the pic...@_@ LOL!!!

visited the penang butterfly farm coz waiken wanted to go there...lolzzzzzzzz

the largest leaf insect known...

butterfly stick to waiken's bac...lols

before we leave the butterfly farm...we took a group pic with a giant beetle...haha...lolz
we went to the beach to see sunset :b
back to the olden days...jo in the black n white photo :P
sunset at the beach.... nice scenery =)

Day 2~~ (",)
we went to penang hill...climbing our way up...roughly 5 kilometres...and conquered it in 3 hrs time...including a long break of 30min due to heavy rain that showered us all...lolz... but it was fun nevertheless... one of the most memorable n exciting experience during this penang trip :)
we met deena at night too...and also someone else who belanja us our supper :P guess who is he? the answer is below XD

taking photos on our way up XD

got quite alot of monkeys at 1 path when we were walking up...

climbed 2.5km before we rest for quite sometime at this station...

quite heavy rain halfway through...all of us hide in a small pondok for like 30min i tink >.<

still hiding inside the small pondok waiting for the rain to stop~

finally....we conquered the penang hill...weeeeeee ^^

pic of all of us...with the old train~

jo and renyin,showing the 1st class deck of the old train :P

waiken...trying to shoot with his huge cannon...LOL

blurring photo of the city and the bridge...thank to the mist...@_@

the railway down the hill...another train is coming up from the far side o__o

a view of the town area of penang island on our way down in the train from penang hill...

ikan bakar at bayan lepas,belanja by someone...refer below :b

lobak...lobak...lobak... again the someone belanja us ;D and guess who is he? the answer is 1 photo below!!

here...we present you people thethe answer...he is....the mashimaro!!! lolz... "uncle lim" at baskin robbin in queensbay mall..

Day 3~ ^_^
we woke up a lil later than expected...wrapping up our trip by visiting kek lok si and ayer item dam,and eating the famous laksa and cendol in penang...before we took the ferry back to seberang perai area,before we proceed our way back to KL.. =)
ry,me,jo in the master bedroom of d apartment

group pic in the master bedroom before we left the apartment =)

a view of the ayer itam dam...somewhere near kek lok si

a group photo at the ayer itam dam~

the 5 rabbits...plus a giant rabbit...

jo, the only dragon among 6 of us =P

photo hunt!!! spot the difference between waiken and the pig~!!! oops....are there any differences? Xp hahaha...jkjk...lolz

zhao,posing like the monkey beside him...lols~

5 of them in a pondok at kek lok si :P

a group pic at kek lok si...under the pondok on a pond,haha...

the famous laksa at ayer itam,only rm2.30 per bowl...cheap and nice :D

oo...wow...the laksa was so nice til zhao ate 3 bowls of it... haha XD
overall...it's an awesome trip,thanks to everyone involved ^^
paiseh for being a noob guide in penang too...haha...wasted quite some of our time there by taking the wrong ways... >_<
niwayz...hope all of you did enjoy urselves there =) sweet memories~
more trips to come hopefully~ hehe ^^


Blogger k1M H0ng said...

whoa kul U guys met Mashimaro!! Kinda sad that I couldnt join u guys.. x(

11:31 PM, September 12, 2007  
Blogger CWKen said...

now oni regret din join us lar now? LOL too bad XD

4:44 PM, September 13, 2007  

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