Saturday, October 13, 2007


Erm...tired of seeing this blog dead for so long already >.< here's an update~

Well,I'm back to warwick already since a couple of weeks ago.. Was busy settling down in the new house during the past 2 weeks - clean the house,apply internet connection,buy stuff,lectures,assignments,etc etc.. Anyways,life is great back here!! Though there are more and more assignments piling up...but still,life is great here =P Currently I'm staying off-campus,together with 3 of my friends (2 of them were my high school classmates) in a 4 roomed terrace house,with a kitchen,a living + dining room,a bathroom + toilet,and a back yard.. Since we are the 1st batch of student who rent this house,most of the things are still new,'s good!! =) Haha...and it's around 10-15minutes walk to my department,which is not too far.. Overall,it's a good place to stay in~ I took the remaining 1 room after letting the 3 of them chose the rooms they want,so...i get the small room upstairs.. below are some photos of my room..

My bed,colourful eh? lols... That's the only decent looking pattern i manage to find,haha... but not too bad la,quite nice right? :p

The entrance to my room,just next to my bed..

A view of my study area from the entrance,a bit messy =x haha.. oh,i have a very flowery curtain also,lolz~

A closer view of my wooden study table,with 3 drawers...

The bookshelf,newly fixed,but lousily there's no support at all at the side,so i couldn't place my books and files vertically >.<
The built-in wardrobe,quite spacious inside...haha..

And lastly,the book that i'm reading lately...the chinese version of "The China Study",it's a good health book =p haha...

So,that's all for this post,a bit lazy to type a long post =X Heh..hope you people are doing well lately :) All of you update all of us here about yourselves and your life in uni la,then we will know how's everyone lately =P Haha...till we meet again sometime,all of you take care ya~ =)


Blogger ryinz said...

you actually have pretty cool furnitures in your room :)

10:07 PM, October 15, 2007  

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